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Good asset protection strategies for the IRS

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Protecting assets from the IRS is often overlooked. For many taxpayers, the IRS has claimed they owed more taxes than they actually did. This is especially true for any policy holders of an insurance policy from a company that has demutualized. Policy holders were being taxed on the full amount of their shares instead of the amount of the gains when shares were sold. The following article discusses how one taxpayer took on a battle with the IRS regarding this issue and won.

Asset Protection Reminder: Always Remember that the IRS is a Creditor!

Asset protection goes much further than simply protecting assets from the possibility of a frivolous lawsuit. There are many other reasons for people to take asset protection action to protect their assets and, of course, the attack of creditors is one of the most important reasons. However, don’t forget about the IRS. That agency that will nickel and dime you every chance they get. So, asset protection will protect assets from a lawsuit, but will also from creditors like the IRS.
To every person in the country, the IRS poses a threat as a creditor. It is possible that clients will never encounter a lawsuit, but they will always be at risk of being attacked by the IRS. This is why asset protection is so important. Most people want to know how this can be done, so we will address some tools that can be used to protect assets from the IRS.

How to Protect Assets from the IRS:

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